• Sensing Technologies
    for Action Sport

  • Richer sport Experience, mixing Technology and Action

  • Take your gear
    to the Cloud

Wearit is the system to track, store and analyze any kind of sport activity. It provides unique sport metrics leveraging on data-fusion capabilities beyond GPS, taking fun and performance to an higher level.


Am I doing my best? Today, this week, this month...
How do I compare vs. myself / my friends / others?
Can I setup the equipment for a better performance?
How do I stay motivated?
Can it be more fun?
Are there patterns of improvement?
Can I share the experience?

Today you can widen the product offering with data-driven innovation, integrating sensing technology to the equipment, and engaging with the End-Users on many more levels. Data, to quantify your sport experience, and Social, to share it with your Community.

In Sports, where Data rules, to raise the joy of doing what you love.


We offer a step-by-step approach for our Partners to evaluate the costs and the benefits of creating a richer digital experience for the End-Users.

Preliminary Analysis

Working with your team, we analyze your requirements, tests different sensing technologies on the equipment, and provide feasibilities on the development of unique sport metrics and experience.

Platform Customization

Once the solution is clear, we customize our hardware and software platform tailored to your use-case, selecting and integrating the technologies at hand. This will take your gear to the Cloud, allowing you to engage with your users at a higher level.

Engineered Product

We can engineer a final solution for Mass Production, overlooking all Manufacturing, Quality and Certifications aspects, integrating electronics and software modules into your existing company products portfolio.


Wearit Srl ha realizzato il progetto "Digital Ski" grazie anche ad un co-finanziamento da parte della Regione Veneto sul Bando POR FESR, DGR 1159 del 19/07/2017 -
Azione 1.1.1 Sostegno a progetti di ricerca alle imprese che prevedono l'impiego di ricercatori presso le imprese stesse".
Il Co-finanziamento ha permesso l'inserimento di un nuovo ricercatore all'interno del team R&D di Wearit per sviluppare una piattaforma di Activity Tracking,
composta da un sensore "wereable" ed un'applicazione smartphone e di integrarla ad attrezzatura sportiva utilizzata in ambiente montano.
L'importo del cofinanziamento della Regione Veneto è di € 42.225,00.

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